They tell me it’s important

They tell me it’s important to express my gratitude. So here goes:

I am grateful for over-the-counter pain medication.

I am grateful that peppermint tea is healthy.

I am grateful that our TV gets the Colts games so our friends come over to watch.

I am grateful for the choice of pork roast over turkey.

I am grateful that my friends like each other.

I am grateful for spam filters.

I am grateful for people who pray for me.

I am grateful that I don’t have to do pull-ups every day.

I am grateful for cashews with sea salt.

I am grateful for moments of encouragement.

I am grateful that hand lotion works when I remember to use it.

I am grateful for mystery novels.

I am grateful for novels.

I am grateful for written words that can communicate what I really mean when the words from my mouth don’t work.

I am grateful that everything changes, including me.


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