Value Information

My last post, one I did not publish, was entitled, “Why I want a husband, but don’t need one.” It was a cranky, frustrated, and self-righteous piece bursting with comparisons between me and the general populace, written after I’d spent almost two days replacing the PVC joints in the water system in my garage. It was all true, of course, but hardly edifying or enlightening in any way.

So instead of publishing that, I thought I’d talk about something else I feel self-righteous about: information.

In my opinion, it is perfectly valid to express your opinion on a subject, even a trivial one. To quote Oscar Wilde, “I love to talk about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about!” However, when you express your opinion on a subject without doing any research first, all that happens is that you sound like an idiot to those of us who are informed and you really confuse those of us who aren’t.

As an example, I would like to take the recent surge in snarky comments on social media about “global warming.” This is, no doubt, due to the “polar vortex,” or, as someone has dubbed them, “Snowpocalypses I & II” (which has really confused me, as I haven’t seen either Marlon Brando or the Four Horsemen anywhere.)

People have started to attest that global warming is unfounded because it’s too cold to walk to their mailbox in their slippers. I do agree, it is too cold to walk to the mailbox in my slippers. And I’m not going to argue for global warming. I’m just asking that if you are going to argue one way or the other, would you mind doing a bit of research first?

A quick web search reveals that global warming’s effects would include a wider temperature range and increased volatility of the environment. Although I hate science, I’m pretty sure that “volatility of the environment” can account for the need to put on actual shoes when leaving my house.

Although, all of that said, I would also recommend that you be careful when you do your research. If you decide to follow the Twitter handle @globalwarming you will receive a fascinating array of information including things like, “Scientists say earthworm poo could provide window into past climates.” (Yes, that’s a direct quote.) In order to discover if that is true I’d have to do some research on earthworm poo, something I’m just not willing to do. But if you are, more power to you, and let me know what you discover.

My point is this: information is valuable. So treat it well. Even if it’s about earthworm poo.


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