Need Inspiration?

You may have noticed: I really like my new gym.

At night when I’m getting ready for bed I start to get excited about going to the gym the next morning (so much so that it can disrupt my sleep.) I read blogs and watch videos about what to do when I go next, and I follow the other gym members on social media to see how my workouts compare to theirs.

I have even (with help from my friends) gathered some “gym gear” that I carry in my car. Occasionally I bring it in my house just to look at it and think about the fact that I own gym gear. That I am that kind of person. Here’s a picture I took and saved on my phone just so I can look at it when I’m out and about and remember that I own gym gear:

CrossFit gear

But about once a week I start to lose motivation. I feel tired, and sore, and my head says, “I can’t.” So about once a week I have to stop and seek inspiration. Seriously. I do an image search on Google for “inspiration for CrossFit.” And up pops a series of quotes, photos, and collages of athletes all telling me to give it my all at the gym every day, and it will make me a better, stronger person.

In fact, if you need inspiration for anything, I’d encourage you to Google the same thing. But do beware, CrossFitters aren’t exactly known for their clean wit and family-friendly atmosphere. Which is ironic, since many famous CrossFit athletes have families and regular day jobs. But, to me, that’s what makes them more inspirational. Watching a mother of three dead-lift twice her weight with a smile on her face is much more impressive than watching a professional athlete do what they’ve bee paid to train for all their lives.

And if you’re having a really tough day and still need more inspiration after that, Google “Annie Thorisdottir.” (Yes, her name, when translated literally, is “Thor’s Daughter.” Her father’s name is Thor.) In my opinion, in doesn’t get much more inspirational than that. But maybe that’s just because I really like my new gym.


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