Just the Good Stuff

It’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood. The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and the coffee is hot. It’s a great day to make a list of the good stuff in life.

I thought that I’d share some my of current “bright spots” with you – my recommendations for improving your quality of life, whether you’re doing well or just barely getting out of bed every day.

I have divided them by category, so you can read what interests you. Enjoy.

(In case you are wondering [as you really should be] what qualifies me to offer recommendations, it’s primarily the fact that I spend 79.34% of my awake time on Google, looking things up, reading reviews, websites, and other blogs. My top strength from Strengths Finder is “Input,” which means that I want all the information and I want it NOW. Plus, two of my best friends are ENFJs, which means they’re basically walking infomercials. So I’m compiling some of the best information I’ve found, both from the internet and from my friends, and offering it to you.)


This recipe for Oatmeal Peanut Butter Balls. (“Amazeballs,” as they’re affectionately known in our house.)
Don’t worry about making the balls too big. It says “makes 40” but that’s just nonsense.
Do make a double batch. Just trust me.

– This marinade, for pork chops or chicken, which was created in our kitchen this week out of necessity (lack of olive oil):
2-3 tbsp Honey
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Black pepper
2 tsp Paprika
1 tbsp Curry powder
3-4 tbsp Coconut Oil
Don’t be concerned that the coconut oil globs up when you spread it on the cold meat. It will melt in the pan.
Do add other items to this recipe and let me know when you make it better.


This blog. She’s one of my favorite people, and I hope to be the kind of writer and human that she is when I grow up (a little more.)
Do subscribe. If you only have time for one blog, leave mine and go read hers. Seriously.

This website for fitness nutrition. It may be a little daunting at first, but their information is clear, helpful, and not all science-y. I can’t stand science-y.
Do watch the informational video before you use the calorie calculator, lest you end up confused and try to eat the calories appropriate for a baby mouse.
Don’t try to tackle all the information in one sitting. Even I got cross-eyed after a while.


– New: This Tim McGraw song. Shahneequa tried to “introduce” it to me last week, and I said, “I’ve been listening to this for a month already!” It’s just doggone good stuff.
Do listen to this in the car with the windows down.

– Tossback (a little shorter than a “throwback”): This Beyoncé song. It’s just what you need to feel good about your day. It made me feel good about mine.
Don’t listen to this song unless you are in a setting where swinging your hips is socially acceptable.


– My sister. I was reminded this week that if you tell my sister that something can’t be done, she will respond with, “I’ll take care of it.” And 10 minutes later, you’ll get a text saying it’s all taken care of. Don’t mess with her; I firmly believe that she is the one person I know who could get away with murder, and she wouldn’t even need help hiding the body. She gets things done, and it is amazing and fearsome to behold.
Do be careful what you wish for.


Very Good Lives, JK Rowling’s speech from Harvard’s Commencement. Short and sweet, but definitely worth the read.

– Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I mean, with a name like that, how could she not write good books? Primarily made up of messages back and forth between two coworkers, this book is funny and clever and has excellent characters.


– Amazon Prime Pantry. Now, you have to have Amazon Prime in order to use this, so keep that in mind. (I have definitely saved more on shipping than I would have spent on my Prime Membership, if I hadn’t gotten said membership for free. Do your own math, though, since you know how I feel about math.) Prime Pantry has a flat rate for shipping, and you can fill up one giant box as full as you’d like. A lot of their items are cheaper than they would be at the grocery store, especially health food stuff, and you can buy larger packages of things, also making it cheaper.
Do make sure you check your numbers. I thought I ordered more than I actually did, and wasted some of my shipping space.
Don’t just assume everything is cheaper on Amazon than the grocery store – check prices before you order. Random things on Amazon are super expensive.


And, finally, I leave you with this:

It’s almost the weekend! Sleep in well, my friends.

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