Fight Club


It’s been a strange week for me.

I’ve felt inspired, depressed, incredibly sad, extremely encouraged, humbled by others’ kindness and generosity, humbled by my own failures, been very close to insanity, and yesterday I forgot to eat lunch.

I don’t forget to eat food. Like JLaw says, “Eating is one of my favorite parts of the day.” I pretty much plan my entire day around when I can eat, what I can eat, and how much I can eat.

place-setting-1-1544745-640x480In a meeting at work last week, my boss said, “Let’s take a short break.” I responded with, “How long of a break? Please tell me how much food can I eat before I have to be back here.” Yes, I said that out loud. My brain doesn’t function well hungry.

Hence, the surprise at missing a meal yesterday.

But if my emotions are swinging wildly and I’m experiencing stress, I get distracted from my usual self. I feel differently, think differently, and act differently. (This is the source of the feelings of insanity, which I’m sure I’ll write about another time.) I even forget to eat lunch.

So, in case you are also in a season of emotional turbulence and/or stress, I thought I would share two brief concepts to keep in mind that can help you maintain your equilibrium and sanity during this time. Because we all want you to stay sane. For your sake and ours.


If you’re hungry, eat. Take the time to actually make a meal, or pay for one.

If your eyes keep shutting without your permission, take a nap.

boxing-gloves-1431175-639x425If you feel pent up aggression and/or anxiety inside, find a physical activity to burn that off.

If your brain stops processing information, let it rest for a while.

You’ll function much better once you have taken care of your body. It’s worth taking that 20 minutes or $20 to be a real human the rest of the day. Life is about quality over quantity, remember?

TWO: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY (even when it’s silent)

Sometimes our thoughts and emotions so strongly overpower our bodies that we can no longer hear things like, “I’m hungry,” or, “I need to sleep.” If that’s the case for you, consider scheduling things in until you return to normal.

If you keep forgetting to eat, set an alarm to remind you. You don’t have to stuff yourself if you’re not hungry. Just make sure you have the proper nutrients.

Take 20 minutes to exercise, even if it’s just walking around the block, to remind your body it’s not just a ball of feelings and chaos.

Plan out short brain breaks, and consider listening to music, even if you’re so focused you might not notice it very much. Bring the outside world back into your mind.


Remember, my friends, you will not be in this season forever. Things change.

But please keep going, keep fighting, keep taking care of yourself in the meantime.


Ha. And you thought I was going to talk about Fight Club.


3 thoughts on “Fight Club

  1. A. Ham June 10, 2016 / 10:49 am

    i may have punched him. it’s a blur, sir.

    • ashleyne June 10, 2016 / 11:46 am

      You punched the bursar?!

  2. A. Ham June 10, 2016 / 12:20 pm

    he looked at me like i was stupid; i’m not stupid.

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