Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

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My new desktop picture, reminding me to work hard now, enjoy life in the moment, and spend my big-picture life epically…


As you might expect, due to the unexpected death of one of my best friends, I’ve been thinking about my life goals. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to find a private place to read this post. We’ve done enough public weeping* for right now; it’s time for a break.)

The funny thing is that my long-term “bucket list” goals are not what I’ve been thinking about and adjusting. Yes, things like “Go on a Hiking Trip with the Professor” or “Learn to Surf” are still my big picture life goals, and I am excited about them. But it’s the short-term, how-do-I-get-there-from-here goals that I’ve been thinking about.


If I want to go hiking for more than a few miles, I need to buy hiking gear.

If I’m going to buy hiking gear, I need knowledge of hiking gear and money.

If I’m going to gain knowledge of hiking gear, I need to spend less time on Netflix and more time doing research about whether or not I can carry a kerosene stove in my backpack without blowing myself up. And if I’m going to have money to buy hiking gear, I need to reassess and commit to my budget.

Basically, I’ve realized anew that if I want to achieve my long-term goals, I need to invest in them. Now. Not later. Not someday. There are little things that I need to do every day to make my bucket list happen.

This is very hard. If you know me, you know I hate thinking about details in my own life. Schedule, budget, self-discipline…ugh, gag me with a moldy sock.

But as I look at my bucket list, I can tell the time and effort I put into working toward those goals won’t be wasted. Even if I never make it to the exact goals that I have in mind, working toward them will open up doors, possibilities, and options.

Not to mention, eliminate that horrible ghost, “If Only.” If only I had saved money for a trip, if only I had read more books, if only I had tried harder, etc.


 I will be working a little every day toward my goals.


What about you? How do you work toward your long-term goals?


it's the little things

*This post brought to you by repetition of I Belong to You by Brandi Carlisle.


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