Let’s go

I am sitting on a friend’s bed, enjoying a light breeze in sunny California, but apparently I must write to you. I have words to be read, you have eyes to read, we’re a match made in heaven and I cannot stand to be apart.

But I’ll keep it short:

  1. On Friday, you will hear from a wonderful woman on grief and joy and hope. Look forward to it.
  2. This week, if you are in doubt about staying or going, go. That is not always a good motto to have, but I believe in seasons of jumping in, seasons of saying yes, seasons of going. So I’m recommending that this week, you go. Why? Because I currently have enough sand in my ears to fill a small hourglass, and memories of two great evenings spent at the beach with my friends, and I almost didn’t go. Next week I will breathe, rest, think. This week, let’s go. Let’s dive in and live adventurously.


Me and A.Rae on our way to the beach for the second night in a row. Yes, my hair looks awesome. What about it?



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