Being Mediocre

“I know people say that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. But I also think that something can be worth doing at all, even if you can’t do it well.” – My Boss


I don’t like doing things I’m not good at.

That does not mean I don’t like trying new things – I actually really do, because I’m not supposed to be good at them. I’ve never done them before. Try a new sport? Sure. Step into a new role at work? Why not? Travel to a place where I don’t speak the language or understand the culture? Sign me up. I don’t mind making beginner’s mistakes.

But once I’ve tried something and started to invest, I want to be good at it. There are a whole host of things I’ve done a few times, maybe enjoyed as a beginner, and then stopped doing.

The simple reason is I don’t live up to my own expectations. And I do not enjoy that.

Take art projects, for instance. I know enough about art and photography to know when something is “good.” And most of the time, my art projects don’t measure up. It probably doesn’t help that my brother is an artist as his profession, and siblings were made for comparison, but when I try to paint, draw, or photograph something, it pretty much never turns out the way I want it to. And I don’t like that. At all.

Some other things that fall under this category: cooking elaborate dishes, gardening, decorating, verbal processing, volleyball, tongue twisters, video games, and on, and on, and on.

Most of these things don’t impede my everyday life. It’s fine I don’t like decorating. I just ask for help. Like from the housemate who rearranges her room every other week, perhaps.

So is it a huge deal that there’s a list of items that I don’t like to do because I’m not good at them? Well, no. But can I live life to the fullest, really enjoying every moment, if I’m trying to avoid doing things because I’m not as good at them as I’d like to be? Probably not.

Therefore, I have decided to lower my expectations for myself. 

Just like that. Nailed it.

Great, moving on…  Yeah, right. It’s never that easy. But I’m trying.

To that end, I present to you a photograph I took on a recent hike:

The Commute

My friends, let’s not be afraid to do things we aren’t as good at as we want to be.

And if, at any point, you don’t meet your own expectations and you need a reminder that you are doing just fine, simply Google Image search “You had one job.” You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Being Mediocre

  1. Dana Russo September 16, 2016 / 10:25 am

    You wrote as if reading my mail. ha. Thanks for your insights and vulnerability!! I’m right there with you on the journey.

    *Dana Russo*

    • ashleyne September 16, 2016 / 1:52 pm

      I promise I haven’t been reading your mail 🙂 It’s such a crazy journey, but I’m glad you’re in it with me!

  2. Denise September 16, 2016 / 2:44 pm

    Thanks for suggesting the Google search…I needed a laugh today! 🙂

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