Kenny Rogers Was Right

Some days, you have so many words to say that you have to bribe your friends to tell you which words to cut. (The going rate for this is one Starbucks Latte, in case you were wondering.) You feel downright verbose and like the world is made of metaphors and witty anecdotes.

Some days, you struggle and grind your teeth and sigh heavily for hours just to put something on the page and it turns out sort of “meh” but you feel good about just writing something. You pour yourself a shot of tequila and toast to your “pure grit and determination” like you just climbed Everest without oxygen.

Some days, you write something and it straight up sucks. This really burns your biscuits because you fought the good fight, put in the time, and it still sounds like a four-year-old dictated your final draft. Or like you played Mad-Libs with a non-English speaker who chose words out of the dictionary at random. You may put it out there or you may start again, but either way, at least you wrote something. You just sort of slide into the next thing, pretending it all didn’t happen and that you’re still very confident and everything is fine.

And some days, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you stare at the blinking cursor (take that literally or as an expletive, both are appropriate) or ask your friends for ideas, nothing works. You’ve literally got nothing.

That, my friends, is when you got to know when to fold ’em.

And all that’s left at that point is one decision: walk away or run?

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