My Day Job

Steve Douglass, the president of Campus Crusade for Christ, and his wife Judy commissioned me as a missionary. Yes, I felt awkward. How did you know?

I love and follow Jesus. It’s the foundation I try to build the rest of my life on.

In 2012, when I was trying to figure my entire life out at once, I decided to become a full-time missionary. I don’t regret it.

I work for Cru, an international campus ministry organization, on the Innovation Team.

Basically, I’m a staff writer and creative weirdo. I write and edit books, web pages, and video scripts; I decorate meeting rooms, help run communication training programs, brainstorm funny commercial ideas, and sing on the occasional studio recording; and I work to make sure every student in the world knows someone who truly follows Jesus. If, by chance, you’d like to know more about these things and my ministry, or…ahem…support me financially, which is an awesome thing to do, click here!¬†I’m paid entirely by the generosity of others, and I love that fact.


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