A New Blog

Dear Friends,

I’ve loved the idea of blogging, of writing consistently and sharing my thoughts with the world. I communicate so much better in writing than by words that come out of my mouth, so it’s cathartic and fun for me to write. And I believe that, sometimes, I have things to say, things worth your time to read.

Me, as a budding young writer

But, realistically, I haven’t followed through. I haven’t been fully honest, fully committed, fully here. 

Partially, that’s because I lack follow-through in my life in general.

Mostly, though, it’s because I’ve been afraid to offend you.

I respect you and I care about your opinion. And I don’t want to damage anyone’s idea of a missionary, a Christian, a good girl.

I’ve held back.

But that doesn’t feel acceptable anymore. I want to communicate the real me, the real problems in my life and in the world, and the real, and often unhealthy or ridiculous, ways you and I deal with those problems.

Not to mention the gosh-darn funny things that happen in my life that aren’t always “appropriate.”

What I’m saying is that I’ve shifted this blog to be more of just that – a blog, rather than a ministry website. This will be more of me, the real me.

Here’s the invitation:

I appreciate you. I value you. And I trust you. If you are up for it, I’d love to have you continue to follow me, and invite your friends to follow me, into a more honest, more difficult, more hilarious journey of communication. To talk about life just the way life is: muddy and beautiful.

Here’s the warning:

Not everything I say from here on out would be welcome in conservative churches. I may (are you sitting down?) swear from time to time. “Respectful swearing,” as my roommate would say. I may tell slightly inappropriate stories. I may tell you about my clinical depression, the problems I have with my church, or the reasons why I’m mad at God.

Me, and my weirdness, in the Rockies

If you want out, I respect that. And I am grateful you’ve come this far. Go, my child, (or my grandmother, more likely) and enjoy life without this blog.

If you’re still here, buckle up, and let’s talk about real life and funny things together.

I love you all.


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